An H-1B visa is a temporary working visa that is valid for up to six years, and may be obtained in three-year increments. The applicant must:
1) have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent;
2) perform a professional job;
3) receive the prevailing wage for the position as determined by the Department of Labor; and,
4) have a degree in the same or related field as the job offer.

  • If your company is classified as “H-1B dependent” (if the company employs 1-25 workers and 8 or more of them are H-1B aliens, for example), then the H-1B applicant must be offered a salary of $60,000 or must have an M.S. degree.
  • In order to get a decision within 15 days, an expedite fee of $1,225.00 may be paid to U.S. CIS. This is known as the “premium processing fee” program, and it is available for H, O, & L cases, among others.
  • There is an annual quota for the H-1B category, which was exceeded for several years, leading to an H-1B lottery system in those years. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to start the application process at the earliest opportunity.
  • Reminder: H-1B positions at some universities and non-profit research institutions are exempt from the annual H-1B quota.

If you would like our office to assist you with this non-immigrant visa please complete and forward the following materials:

  • Client Data Sheet
  • Materials listed on the H-1B Checklist
  • H-1B Questionnaire
  • Check for legal and filing fees

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our firm.

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H-1B Checklist of Materials

Dear Client:
In order to expedite your H-1B processing the following items are needed:

1. Copy of Resume
2. Copy of Passport
3. Copy of Practical Training Card- both sides (F to H only)
4. Copy of all I-20’s (F to H only)
5. Copy of degree and transcripts (if available)
6. Copy of I-94 card
7. Copy of Current H-1B Approval Notice (If you are applying for an H-1B extension/employer transfer)

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Please print out the Client Contact Sheet and fill in questionnaire and send it back to our office.
We will use the information to send you materials or to draft your immigration paperwork.
You may either e-mail it to us or fax it back to our office (fax: 404-325-5825).